The place where leaf meets sky draws my eye.

In that sacred place, we see the hope of perfection and the yearning of humans wanting to know the one who created them.

That’s where I found Jesus.

Or rather, where Jesus found me.

In a cathedral of cottonwood trees in a small town on the prairies of South Dakota at 16-years-old, I threw my hat in Jesus’ ring.

A dozen years later, I continue seeking the natural places, while looking up to the perfection and salvation of our Creator and Christ.

It’s in the space between leaf and sky that I seek to understand this human life.


Disclaimer of sorts: This isn’t a typical Christian blog, nor do I attempt it to be so.

There are many topics here most Christians wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. If this space doesn’t speak to you, that’s alright. Doesn’t even mean we can’t be friends.

I don’t want to cause anyone to stumble in what they feel is wrong and thus sin, as St. Paul warned.

Though if you are questioning the same things as me, then please feel free to stick around.